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SEDFIT can be equipped with context-sensitive sounds.  The sounds can be switched on and off in the menu

Options | Sound

For the sounds to play, you need to install wave-files into the sedfit directory:

1) Create a subdirectory  "c:\sedfit\sounds"

2) Obtain wave-files (*.wav) of the messages you want to play.

3) rename the wave-files according to the following categories:

bye.wav, error.wav, fitdone.wav, hi.wav, info.wav, ok.wav, question.wav

The sound category will be selected according to the type of event. 

If you have more than one file for each category, append a "2" to the second, "3" to the third, etc. (Note: Do not append a "1" to the first!)  If there are more than one sound per category, SEDFIT will randomly pick one from the particular category each time a particular even occurs.

The complete set of sound files may look like this: