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Partial Specific Volume

Options | Set v*rho

This function allows to enter the partial specific volume (in ml/g) of the solutes, and the density of the buffer (in g/ml). This is used to calculate the buoyancy factor in the Svedberg equation. Alternatively, this partial specific volume can be set to zero, which converts the molar masses to buoyant molar masses.

Default values are 0.73 ml/g for the partial specific volume, and 1 g/ml for the buffer density.  Sedfit currently does not make corrections for hydration.

If the fitting parameters are set to s and D instead of s and M (see Fit M and s), the setting of v-bar and buffer density is not relevant, as D is a directly measured quantity.

More complicated settings are required in conjunction with the inhomogeneous solvent mode of Sedfit.  For this case, see the help section of this topic.  Note that in the inhomogeneous solvent mode, the partial-specific volume can also be a fitting parameter.