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How to get HELP

Previously, a local help file was provided with Sedfit as a reference for all functions.  However, this system has not been updated in years and is obsolete.  Access has been disabled from version 8.7.  You need an internet access in order use this on-line help system.

The help wizard is a tool to automatically flag situations that might be problematic.  Checking and unchecking this menu point switches the wizard on or off.  The setting can then be saved in the startup defaults.  It should be noted that the wizard can't take into account the particular situation of your data, and therefore may complain about conditions that are actually OK.  You should use these messages only as hints to consider. 

As a great resource for obtaining help, please consult the Sedfit Users Group email list , which reaches currently ~ 450 AUC users, for technical advice and discussions with other users on software issues and applications.

For bug reports, please contact the author at