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the data menu               

contains the commands for loading, editing, saving, printing data and exiting.

The general strategy of direct boundary modeling is that the raw data be fitted directly, and that a data set as large as possible be used.  Because all systematic noise parameters, as well as all information on the sedimenting species is build directly into the model, no data transformation, differentiation, or noise correction should be applied.  With the Lamm equation models, there is also no need for establishing any kind of plateau, no need for avoiding back-diffusion, restriction of the data set to a small time interval, or any other restrictions.

Because loading of the data into Sedfit and the proper setting for the meniscus, bottom, and fitting limits is essential (and can represent some difficulty for new users), this procedure is described in great detail in the 'load new files' section.  


Load New Files

Add More Files

Set Initial Data

Change Cell (Same Selection)

other data types:  DLS, sedimentation equilibrium


realtime functions


housekeeping functions: 

Edit Data Files

Export Data to SEDPHAT

Save Fit Data

Save Systematic Noise in file, or subtract it from equilibrium scan

Save Continuous Distribution