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Getting Started

The following conventions must be followed when working with Sedfit:

1) Data Location

* the data must be stored on a drive with read/write access, because Sedfit stores several output files into the data directory (list.*, ~tmppars.*, and scanrms.dat). 

2) Access to the help system requires an internet connection to access the Sedfit help web.  [The previous local help system sfhelp.hlp is obsolete and should not be used anymore.] 

3) Read carefully through the website on loading data, in particular how to define meniscus, bottom and fitting limits. 

4) Read the general description of the strategy of using Sedfit, follow a step-by-step practical application to the analysis of real sedimentation data (including the c(s) model, the c(M) model, and the ls-g*(s) model).  Further, an example for a data analysis with Sedfit is provided. 

5) continue to refine the analysis by exporting to Sedphat.


Because the use of Sedfit requires some theoretical background on sedimentation analysis, there are tutorial websites for 

    Lamm equation solutions

    systematic noise analysis

    size-distribution analysis


    van Holde-Weischet analysis

Finally, there is a site with frequently asked questions.