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About the author:

Peter Schuck, Ph.D. 


Research Interests:


Physical Biochemistry: thermodynamic and hydrodynamic properties of macromolecules and multi-component mixtures in solution, reversible interactions of biological macromolecules, reaction kinetics, reaction/diffusion problems in the gravitational field and at surfaces; Protein Structure/Function: multi-protein complexes, membrane proteins in detergent solution, self-assembling and filamenting proteins, structural and nonstructural viral proteins, homogeneous and heterogeneous interactions of immunological cell surface receptors; Biophysical Methods and Instrumentation: analytical ultracentrifugation, optical biosensors, static and dynamic light scattering, calorimetry, circular dichroism; Mathematical Modeling: finite element modeling, inversion of integral equations, maximum entropy methods; Biotechnology: flow problems in affinity biosensors, biomimetic surfaces, drug delivery particles, characterization of therapeutic antibodies